5TO9 COACHING MASHUP - Stop Editing the Dream!

Episode 1503: 5TO9 COACHING MASHUP - Stop Editing the Dream!

Show notes

Podcast Mashup TOPIC: I rambled a little - but you will get the point! STOP EDITING THE DREAM BEFORE YOU EVEN HAVE DESIGNED THE PLAN! Welcome to 5TO9 Coaching Shorts! Whether it's 9a to 5p or 5p to 9a - we are the same person doing different things! How we handle conflict, communicate, process emotions, prioritize our time - all of that is vital at home AND at work! With clients and with friends/family! I submit that what we do and how we act between 5PM and 9AM is MORE important than 'business hours'. We all know people who excel at work but sacrifice their health or family! People who can never succeed in business because they are always in the personal chaos of storms! I coach sales reps and small business owners and I thought some of the stuff we cover in our coaching conversations may help a few other folks as well. Some of this I have learned through doing it right AND some from doing it wrong! Either way - maybe you can relate! (A PODCAST PROVIDED AND OWNED BY DURING THE BREAK PODCASTS)

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