'Finding Grace' with Author Gary Lee Miller! What A Journey!

Episode 515: 'Finding Grace' with Author Gary Lee Miller! What A Journey!

Show notes

When Gary Miller lost his wife - he had no idea where the journey of healing would take him! An accomplished businessman, actor, and now author - used the emotions, the memories, and his life experiences to bring 'Finding Grace' to life! 'Finding Grace' is available for pre-order and the ebook is available NOW! *He has already received the 'Literary Titan's Silver Award' for his work!

'FINDING GRACE' - In a world that sometimes seems out of control, we are each on our own journey in hope of finding grace by Gary Lee Miller

(A portion of the proceeds will go to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital)

Get the ebook now! http://www.findinggracebook.com/ https://garyleemillerbooks.com/

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