Let's Talk Sales with Some Really Smart Folks!

Episode 349: Let's Talk Sales with Some Really Smart Folks!

Casual conversations with some seasoned sales people - PLUS a few tips, suggestions, and ideas!

Show notes

This was a fun podcast centered around sales! If you make a living at selling - you may like these causal conversations. I give some tips and suggestions that you may already be doing or you have forgotten about. PLUS - my guests tell their story. We move fast and cover a lot of ground. My guests include: -Tammy Phillips: The CEO/Executive Director of the Outdoor Advertising Association of Tennessee (OAAT) since 2019 and her resume includes TV, billboards, and digital marketing sales -Rebecca Cruz Styles: Special Events Coordinator: Erlanger Health System Foundation and also has experience in media sales and leadership. -Rich Mozingo: The President of The Chattanooga Lookouts - pro baseball team.

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