PODCAST MASHUP - OBF the People: Kali Fontanilla!

Episode 1242: PODCAST MASHUP - OBF the People: Kali Fontanilla!

Show notes

A podcast mashup with Of-By-and For the People: Kali Fontanilla was a teacher for 15-years! After seeing what her students were being taught in other classes she became more curious about the curriculum. Once she saw the agenda behind the lessons - she had to say something! Taking a stand came with consequences! Since leaving education and California she has become a voice of reason in the culture war that has infiltrated our classrooms! We talked about her experiences - her life now - CRT - the deliberate attempt of schools/Government to get in between parents and child - and MUCH MORE! This was informative AND fun! *(at one point we read from a book that is in some of our school libraries and it may be uncomfortable for parents to listen to around their children)

FIND OUT MORE ABOUT KALI FONTANILLA AND HER SCHOOL: https://www.thinkexodus.org/about

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