The Holistic Health Town Hall with Ed Jones and Adam Chauncey!

Episode 258: The Holistic Health Town Hall with Ed Jones and Adam Chauncey!

Show notes

TOPIC TIME STAMPS BELOW! Got questions about green drinks? Vitamin D or C? Zinc? Skin care during the winter? COVID and nutrition (we are not doctors and will not be giving medical advice)? Mushrooms? CBD? KETO? How about dealing with pain or sleep? Are Omega 3s effective? Is a multi-vitamin good enough? Do you have energy problems? How about teas? Let's ask Ed Jones - The Holistic Navigator and Adam Chauncey!

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TIME STAMPS: 0 – Intro and Matt Davis 2:10 – Can you take too much Vitamin D, C, and Zinc! How they help your immune system. What is Quercetin? The importance of bloodwork! 16:32 – What is a nutraceutical? 16:50 – Arthritis pain and staying active? 26:45 – Sleep! Waking up in the middle of the night? How to sleep longer and better. 35:15 – Energy! What is Matcha tea? 39:21 – Ed and I share our stories of change and pain – briefly! Mindsets of pain! Matt Davis again! 46:36 – Skincare, thinning hair, Biotin, and thyroid tests! 52:30 – Green Drinks 52:54 – Advantage of KETO 53:13 – Can you test positive with CBD? 53:31 – Multi-Vitamins! (I pushed their buttons) 55:06 – Changing attitudes of Doctors! How politicians have let us down! New mindsets! Fast foods - reality - how to find out more!

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